Here's how the program works - We take your entire customer base and input it into a dialing software. Then create a call script which will be sent to you for approval and that will successfully achieve three primary goals for the calling campaign - Driving traffic to your event, generating hot leads, and purify your customer list by capturing updated contact and boating information (call status's) so the agents can categorize the result of each call. When we call a customer we use your event as the reason for the call which immediately causes the customer to put down their guard and start conversing and talking about their boating experience. After the customer has put their guard down then we set the hook and look for buying signs. 

While on the phone our agents transcribe and categorize the calls and the hot leads will be immediately forwarded to the designated champion at your dealership, so you guys can follow up. In addition an email is instantaneously sent to the customer recapping the campaign promotion. The email template will be sent to you for approval prior to commencing the campaign. At the end of every campaign we export your entire customer base with the updated contact information and send it back to you in the same format as received along with a detailed report recapping the result of your campaign. In a typical 50 hour campaign we can usually contact about 2000 customers and generate about 40-60 parts, service, and sales leads. We also uncover customers requiring special attention so you guys can get in front of them. 

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